Monday, November 28, 2050

All Cosmetic Options : Your Guide to all cosmetic and beauty related stuff.

"What god doesn't give you, Doctor gives you."

You can change your look, look better, get attractive, slow ageing and even more. From plastic surgeries to herbal treatements, all the things you want to know , its all here.

Quick tips for a good skin

     No matter how hard we try, our skin is always venerable to many problems. So, here is few tips you can do to keep your skin healthy:

1. Skin is best when its hydrated. The only way to do so, is drink water. At least 5 litres of water should be consumed daily for a good skin. You can also put on moisturizer for this purpose but drinking water is the best thing to do.
2. Wash your face twice daily, specially before bed. It helps to wash away your makeup which can actually block your pores resulting pimples.

3. Stay away from sun. The UV rays are last thing you want to deal with. But if you need to walk in sun, wear a sunblock with effective SPF factor. You can also put on a mixture of Aloe Vera pulp and Lemon for 15 mins to lower the effect of UV rays.

4. Eat a balanced diet if you can with less oil and of course less spices.
Never ever pop or squeeze pimples, it may leave a permanent mark on your skin.

5. If you wear specs or sunglasses, frequently clean them for cleaning the oil they carry which might block your pores.

6. Sleep is one good thing for your skin. You should get a sound sleep else you may have some dark rings and wrinkles around your eyes.